Monthly Archives: September 2014

Married + 10 years + No sex = ___________.

I met a man a few days ago. He has been married for 16 years. He hasn’t had sex with his wife in 11 years. She said she has had no desire because of something he said to her 11 years ago. He is desperate, and wants a divorce. Without saying the following…:

1. I would have left that relationship a long time ago

2. He should have been cheated

3. She is cheating on him

4. He’s the victim and she is the devil

…how would you have handled this if it were you?

Court is now in session!


Summer, I will miss you…

WOW. What a summer. There was a birthday, a glorious day on the river, a magnificent wedding, and another birthday. There was an emergency tooth extraction that left me voiceless… Such a lesson for me. There was the killing of yet another Black Prince, and the non-arrest of another white man. Summer I will miss you… Shall we do this again, same time next year? I think so too…