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To have sex with (or date) a bisexual, or not? That is the question.


It’s no secret that conversations about sexual behavior can make some folks turn up rather quickly.  And there are many, many behaviors that cause folks to project a side-eye, but nothing gets the party hype like asking, “Who among you would sleep with a known bisexual?” Immediately, Continue reading


You think they’re cheating, so you invade their privacy


It’s happened to the best of us.  Those fleeting moments when your spirit tells you that your partner may be cheating on or lying to you. It’s a weird feeling ain’t it?  A feeling that makes you question everything you know to be true in life. When this feeling shows up some people talk to a trusted friend to get their opinion on how to approach the situation; while others may not tell a single soul.

And then you have the other people…

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How do you define a hoe?

Let me start by saying the following words may be used interchangeably throughout this post: hoe, whore, slore, tramp, skeezer, sckallywag, dirty-foot, promiscuous, dummy, slut, jezebel, fast, harlot, and so on and so forth….

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Do people really follow the 90-Day rule?

90-day rule

I had the distinct pleasure of watching Iyanla Vanzant on Oprah the other day (at my mother’s house of course. Y’all know I don’t believe in cable).  They were talking about “Daddyless Daughters,” and the treacherous lives these women face (feel free to agree or disagree, but that ain’t what this post is about). This one particular chick tells the oh-so-classic story about how being a Daddyless Daughter has compelled her to date and have sex with a string of (emotionally) unavailable men, and she wants to end this cycle.  And then, with her arms open wide as if to usher us all to the Grand Alter of Respectability, Iyanla Vanzant says, “So, for example, everybody should be practicing the 90-Day Rule.”

::insert severe side-eye here::

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Dear St. Valentine…

Dear St. Valentine,

I have a favor to ask and it’s a little long. Well, I want all the people who have spent a mini-fortune today on your behalf to have the best sex of their lives tonight. If not the best, then at least a really, really close second.  I realize that some people hoard their most romantic selves until this day, but I think it’s a little petty. I mean, no offense but there are 364 other equally amazing days to buy flowers, to shave legs really close, to manscape (if you’re into that), to go to an exorbitantly expensive restaurant, to make sure your bra and underwear match… You see where I’m going with this. So, I just hope everyone who is getting ready at this very moment, 6:13 pm EST, have really good orgasms by 10:15 pm EST tonight. Oh, but wait, I also hope that they take advantage of the other 364 days to do all the aforementioned things, too.  So, if you can find it in your heart (HA! Pun intended) to make this happen, I would be the happiest girl in the world.


Your most hopeful orgasm enthusiast… LaShay.


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