Just because we had sex doesn’t mean_______.

1. That we are in love

2. That we will fall in love

3. That we have to be “weird” to each other in the days that follow

4. That we will be forever

5. That we will meet each other’s friends

6. …or family

7. That there will be a second time

8. That the sex will be good/better/best the second time

9. That either of us will remember any details in a few years


It does mean that we chose to share a part of ourselves in that moment… For some there is nothing more, or nothing less.

Feel free to add to this non-exhaustive list…

Court is in session.

5 thoughts on “Just because we had sex doesn’t mean_______.

  1. Rachel Girard says:

    That we owe each other anything.

    This encapsulates some of the ones listed, but I think it needs to be said on it’s own. Also, I want to point out that the default gender expectations are vastly different. It is stereotypical that the ‘man’ would want a second go, where as the ‘woman’ would want love (if we are talking hetero sex). This also speaks to rape culture in that, just because she has sex with you once (or a hundred times), doesn’t mean she will/should/has to say yes in the future.

    • You hit the nail on the proverbial head (pun intended)! To be able to share an amazing sexual experience doesn’t mean we owe each other anything; unless explicitly outlined. For many, that is the ultimate form of freedom.

  2. Cassandra says:

    10) That I won’t tell my girls just how lame you were… I would hate for someone else to waste a good condom on your sorry butt…lmao!

  3. Ooooooh weeeee! HAHAHA! Now this is the best form of sisterhood and friendship! Who has time to be wasting time for lackluster sex?! No one! LOVE IT! But now here is the shake up: do you tell your girls if it WAS good?!

  4. LeRon Be says:

    I respect you less

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