My Guest Post is Live!

Shay PP

I was recently presented with the opportunity to write for a great blog called The Parents Project and that post is live!! I am so excited to share it. The post offers tips on ways for parents to have “the talk” with their children.

Feel free to read my post as well as play around with resources on The Parents Project!

More importantly, share with us what your parents/guardians/old folks told you about sex!

Court is now in session!

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3 thoughts on “My Guest Post is Live!

  1. Latoya Bailey says:

    Unfortunately I had to get the sex talk from friends and sex education classes
    …my daughter is 12 and it would be great for me to be the one who has the talk
    With her, but im not sure how to go about it…open to any suggestions that will make
    The situation comfortable and informative for both of us.

    • Latoya please tell me you read my blog post on The Parents Project!??! I give some good (at least I think so) points on how to approach it with your children. If not, hit me up on FB and I will call you girl so we can talk about “the talk.” It is time for it.

  2. Sheila Raines Alcide says:

    The earliest talk I can remember that my mother had with me was when I was about 8 or 9. I knew babies grew in the mother’s stomach. So when I asked how does a woman get pregnant, mother simply said, “when a man and woman fall in love they decide to have a baby.” She said she would tell me more when I was older. I was satisfied with that answer until I was about 11. Then my mother explained the process of the woman’s egg being fertilized with the man’s sperm. I was good with that answer too. Then was 14 I asked my mom to be more specific. That’s when she explained what penetration was. She said, “the penis goes into the vagina, and that’s how a man and woman have sex and she can get pregnant. I of course thought it was disgusting. So the long and short of it is that my mother always revealed things about sex according to my level of curiosity and maturity.

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