If your wedding isn’t live on social media, did it really happen?

Apparently, this is a real question that keeps some people up at night.  I wish y’all could see the extreme look of confusion on my face right now.  Ok, let me get this straight, there are people who want their wedding to “do well” on social media?  Let me back up and give you context.  The W Hotel is now offering a “social media wedding concierge” for $3,000, to any couple who gets married at one of their four hotels in NYC.  You read that right.  This is someone who will live-tweet and Instagram your entire wedding (and some other things like attend cake tastings and dress shopping, etc).

Now, I’m not necessarily blown away by the fact that there are people who would gladly pay that amount of money to make their wedding the top-trending event (ok, maybe I am a little bit), but I’m wondering what this says about the “presence” our relationships have.   The need to have a “social media footprint” with our sexual, romantic, and intimate relationships seems like the biggest Pimp + Prostitute Scheme of life (you can figure out who plays the pimp and who plays the prostitute at your leisure).  Please understand, weddings didn’t just recently become a commodified event, the Wedding Industrial Complex is so real and has been around for a long time, but this is a new level.

I mean let’s be real, there are people out there right now who feel like a relationship isn’t “real” if: it isn’t noted on Facebook; if every profile picture isn’t of you and your boo thang(s); if your arguments followed by the apologies aren’t blasted on your statuses and tweets; if you don’t get 117+ likes on a picture of y’all kissing.  I mean it’s as if relationships have become about everyone else except the people involved.  Just tell me now: is this something I’m just going to have to accept with the technological age?  Is the success of our relationships (or failure) based on how successfully we blend social media accounts, garner virtual attention, and trend?

Court is now in session!

*This post is not about pointing out people who do this, as much as it is about asking if this is becoming the expected norm in our society. 

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5 thoughts on “If your wedding isn’t live on social media, did it really happen?

  1. Relationships have become public statement to our success (or failure) and no one has ever been able to tell me why the general public needs this degree of access into our personal lives.

    Im not surprised at this and I think its a great business move. From a social stand point though its laughable to me.

  2. Sunny says:

    Wow, not surprised but you won’t catch me signing up for that. Wedding are expensive as it, I want something small if I get married.

    This world is crazy. LOL. And I don’t even tell who I’m dating, only when I feel like it.

  3. Sheila Raines Alcide says:

    I think having the social media involved in the wedding process is ridiculous! I believe that success or failure of a marriage consists of many components…none of which include a media circus. If there is one thing that I have learned, it’s to keep the social media, friends & family out of your bed. Your relationship/marriage is comprised of two people (most of the time)Lol, and it doesn’t deserve public condemnation or approval.

  4. I use to be about the social media non-platonic relationship blast life and it just never turned out to be conducive for my life and my non-platonic relationships (which is why I’m not officially in one right now ha!) I mean if people are about that life then power to them, but where I personally stand (and what I had to learn) on the topic is to keep the personal matters of a relationship personal. It’s just too much drama I don’t need in my life, that nobody does. The less you talk about what’s going on in your relationship with other people and have more of those conversations with the person you’re in a relationship with then I believe there would be more lasting relationships instead of this “In a relationship but it’s complicated” such and such that is present throughout different realms of social media. That’s my opinion.

    Plus, how in the world does tweeting and instagraming your wedding even work? If it was me, I would want to be holding my partner’s hands while looking into their eyes not holding the phone while looking into the camera lens.

  5. shelita says:

    I can only hope that this is a trend that won’t be around forever. I don’t think it’s something that has to be “accepted” as a norm in society but at the very least acknowledge it as a money making trend. The success or failure of a relationship always falls on the individuals who are involved in the relationship. Whether the couple is willing to acknowledge it or not they’re the ones that dictate the rules an regulations of the relationship including all outsides influences. Trying to put all the the blame on the failure of your relationship on something or somebody else is a piss poor EXCUSE and to give all the credit of a success to somebody or something else is UNWISE. To each couple’s own on how they want to deal with their relationship but I do believe this is a bit much.

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