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Why are people so afraid of nakedness?

Three Dancers | William H. Johnson | ca. 1940

I was reading this article about a yoga studio in NYC that offers nude, co-ed classes in an effort to help people overcome body insecurity.  Naturally, I’m in total support of this.  And then I read the comments.  It was like a swift kick in the gut.  People were actually using words like “yuck” and “ewww” and “disgusting” to describe their feelings about the class.  I am 99% sure my face screwed up something serious while reading these.  And so the question became not where is this class and how can I take it, but rather, why is everyone so afraid/nervous/freaked out/grossed out/intimidated by being naked?

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Sex + Lyrics

Way back in March 2011 I attended a symposium at Morgan State University where the  keynote speaker, Dr. Antonia Randolph, did something radical: she talked about “queerness” in Hip-Hop. ::gasps:: ::clutches pearls::  She discussed at length, the premise that although Hip-Hop has long been labeled one of the most homophobic music genres, there is an awful lot of “gayness” happening within the lyrics. She talked about the infamous kiss between Lil’ Wayne and Baby (although, the kiss seems to have been magically erased from the memories of people who loved Cash Money circa 1999). She discussed hip-hop “couples” and their “breakups”: Pac and Biggie, Jay-Z and Nas.  She talked about the “queer” bro-mance that’s  pervasive in hip-hop but never gets talked about. Continue reading

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Hello world!

Well shut up! Look at you being here with me right now! How crazy is this?! ::screaming:: Well, let me be the first to welcome you to LaShay Holds Court… and thank you for stopping by on your way through the vastness that is the blogosphere. In the words of my great-grandma, I ain’t gon’ keep you long, but I do want to tell you what you will find here over the next 60 years I plan on doing this.

So, this blog is the extension of my professional life as a sexologist, professor, and researcher. There are going to be all sorts of posts and discussions about sex, sexuality, race and sex, what else republicans are trying to stop around sex, what hilarious lyric I heard in hip-hop about sex, and so on and so on…

This is a place where we get to talk (or be a voyeur if you so choose). I’d be content to just sit here and talk to you; for as long as you like, and about whatever you like. You see, talking is the core of the erotic if you ask me. It is what you can do for hours with someone who understands you. It is what we spend hundreds of dollars on cell phones to do.  It is what separates lovers from one-night stands.

Talking.  About sex.  About the things that hurt, the things that make us feel amazing, the desires we had no idea we were hiding, the things that scare us.  We are going to talk about why parents pretend that their children will never, ever have sex (yeah, ok, right…), why teaching children about the word “vulva” is no different than teaching them about their ears.  We are going to talk about how not talking has gotten us into a sh*t load of trouble.  It is all fair game here.

I’m LaShay.  This is how LaShay Holds Court, and this is your invitation to keep talking…

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