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Why are all the cats and magic-sticks bald?

It’s no secret that the hair removal industry makes a ga-bazillion dollars every year in this country. It is also no secret that some genitals walking around out here resemble pre-pubescent children.  I mean, think about porn for a quick second: no one has hair on their genitals (or anuses for that matter) in porn!  And why is this? Why exactly do some adults refer to their pubic hair as “unwanted,” “unsightly,” and even “gross?”  How much of our genital hair maintenance is dependent on what our partner’s desire? Or better yet, what we think our partner’s desire? And how much of it is another (very successful) marketing scheme meant to make us hate our body/smell/sex/sexuality etc.?

Here is a bit of honesty that my mother may find offensive if she reads this post, but, I have to own it and confess: I only “groomed” my “down there” because I thought that’s what folks wanted to see.Nothing. I thought that having a bald vulva was akin to finding the meaning of life. I thought that if I could keep my partner from having that random ass piece of hair caught in the back of their throat, I was a god-send. Period. Well, that’s not exactly all; I also struggled with what I thought was this horrible odor that came from hair (I’ll tell you how I got there later), only to find out that there is nothing wrong with the way the vulva smells. Again, more on that later.

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Hello world!

Well shut up! Look at you being here with me right now! How crazy is this?! ::screaming:: Well, let me be the first to welcome you to LaShay Holds Court… and thank you for stopping by on your way through the vastness that is the blogosphere. In the words of my great-grandma, I ain’t gon’ keep you long, but I do want to tell you what you will find here over the next 60 years I plan on doing this.

So, this blog is the extension of my professional life as a sexologist, professor, and researcher. There are going to be all sorts of posts and discussions about sex, sexuality, race and sex, what else republicans are trying to stop around sex, what hilarious lyric I heard in hip-hop about sex, and so on and so on…

This is a place where we get to talk (or be a voyeur if you so choose). I’d be content to just sit here and talk to you; for as long as you like, and about whatever you like. You see, talking is the core of the erotic if you ask me. It is what you can do for hours with someone who understands you. It is what we spend hundreds of dollars on cell phones to do.  It is what separates lovers from one-night stands.

Talking.  About sex.  About the things that hurt, the things that make us feel amazing, the desires we had no idea we were hiding, the things that scare us.  We are going to talk about why parents pretend that their children will never, ever have sex (yeah, ok, right…), why teaching children about the word “vulva” is no different than teaching them about their ears.  We are going to talk about how not talking has gotten us into a sh*t load of trouble.  It is all fair game here.

I’m LaShay.  This is how LaShay Holds Court, and this is your invitation to keep talking…

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