When Masculinity gets offended…

Snow day?  Check.  Shall we talk about sex and gender?  Check.

I had the pleasure of presenting at the 3rd Annual L.O.C.S. Conference at Harvard Law over the weekend and it was wonderful!  Met amazing people and had fabulous conversations about sex and sexuality.  Interestingly enough, the topic that is still on my mind today is that of masculinity.    Specifically, how masculinity is taught and what messages we send to our masculine-identified folks.

Bkln Boihood presented a workshop entitled Un/Doing Masculinity and it really had me feeling some kinda way.  I mean, masculine people of color get the shitty end of the stick in a lot of ways if you ask me. Yes, patriarchy is real. Yes, male/masculine privilege is real.  Yes, there are some real masculine douche-bags in the world.  But, take a second and think about some of the gender education masculine folks get:

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